Monday, July 31, 2017

She thinks this

She thinks this

Lies and slander about 'she thinks this'. The fact is I dont think anything of the sort. BBB for bullshit. Everyone is a sinner. The problem is the 'do or die force'. Forcing someone brutally to do things (good or bad), they would never do in a million years and are totally unwilling to do. This is a big problem.
There are no 'secrets', nothing is encrypted, there are no secret sources. Everything is openly honestly published on the internet. No means no. I dont wank. I am not crazy.
Enemies force people against their will, to do or die things enemies force them to do. The only choice is to stay alive. Being a victim, being forced and being alive. Then they turn around and lie about it. Lies are as much of a problem as 'force'. I am not 'oh so willing', I am totally unwilling.
These horrible lies circulate about 'she thinks this', they would not have a clue in the world. They are just spreading more nasty lies to dehumanize, discredit and slander. Its sinister and creepy.

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  1. The same people who go around saying 'she thinks this' are the same creeps who are behind the ID theft of my name and their fake Facebook profile illegally using my name too. Rogue New Zealand government workers.